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The Legend of Ben Hall

production design / feature film

The Legend of Ben Hall has been nominated for best “Set Decoration for a Feature Film” at the Australian Production Design Guild awards 2017.

“..visually evident demand for period authenticity..”

The Los Angeles Times

“..there’s a lived-in quality to the movie’s sets and locations..”

The Hollywood Reporter

“..attention to detail is world class. From the costumes to the production design, props and set construction, The Legend of Ben Hall will please even the most hardcore historian..”

Cinema Australia

“..the townships, inns, homesteads and settlements all have a lived-in look. And the rituals and routines of frontier life are equally convincing..”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“..epic in scale..”

“..a widescreen majesty..”


The Legend of Ben Hall offical website

Living Space

production design / feature film 


Showreel 2016